Harlem, NY – Woman suffers seizure on escalator, injured after hair became entrapped

A 32-year old woman was injured on July 3, 2013, around 3:30 p.m., after she passed out on an escalator at the subway station at 125th Street and Broadway in Harlem, NY. The victim is reported to have suffered from an unspecified medical condition and was suspected to have suffered a seizure moments before losing consciousness. She then dropped to the still-moving steps, at which point her hair became entrapped between the steps, causing her to lose a significant amount of hair and possibly a portion of her scalp. A nearby police officer reportedly activated the emergency stop button shortly after, and FDNY emergency medical technicians were able to free the woman upon arrival. The victim also suffered cuts to her face, legs, and arms, and was transported to St. Luke’s Hospital for further treatment.

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Sources reporting the story included:

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