Duluth, MN – 4 small children, 1 woman injured in escalator pileup

Four young children and woman suffered injuries on Wednesday, June 26, 2013, around 1:05 p.m., after an escalator accident occurred at the Wells Fargo building in downtown Duluth, Minnesota. According to local news reports, a group of 20 children and their daycare providers boarded the escalator traveling downwards. One of the children was apparently afraid to step off the escalator, creating a pileup behind them. Further complicating the situation, the children were apparently tied together or otherwise connected to a rope, causing a “chain reaction” when the pileup began. One of the children suffered a severe ankle injury; the remaining four were treated for minor cuts and bruises.

Remember to step off immediately when reaching the end of an escalator. Never let feet “slide off” the end of an escalator; step over the comb teeth, and move away from the end of an escalator so that others behind you have room to exit.

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  1. I live way out in California and i heard that Coralie Anderson played a big hero to these kids.. it’s all on facebook friends and family are speaking of how she helped rescue kids from really getting hurt…i known Coralie for years and well she has always been that type of person so it’s not hard to believe. ..Way to go to Coralie Anderson

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