Sharjah, UAE – Elevator mechanic dies after cab unexectedly plunges

Shajo Sh. S., a 33-year-old Indian elevator mechanic working on an elevator in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, died around 1 p.m. local time Saturday, November 2, 2013, after an elevator cab he was working on fell unexpectedly. The victim was apparently performing routine maintenance on an elevator in a residential building in the Al Butaina neighborhood, cleaning the inside of the hoistway doors at each floor. When the elevator cab was around the third floor, it suddenly fell, causing the victim to become pinned between the hoistway wall and the cab.

Early reports indicate that authorities were not notified for at least 40 minutes after the accident occurred. During that time, the victim’s co-workers were apparently attempting to extricate him. By the time authorities arrived, the victim was already deceased. Sharjah Police released a statement urging the immediate reporting of industrial accidents to allow officials to carry out rescue and recovery operations and hopefully prevent future loss of life in similar situations.

This incident marks the third recorded elevator-related fatality this week. Earlier this week, a maintenance worker at a hospital in Decatur, Alabama, was fatally crushed when attempting to repair a freight elevator, and an elevator mechanic in Dallas, Texas, suffered a fatal fall down an open hoistway.

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