Dallas, TX – Elevator technician dies after fatal fall into open hoistway

A 45-year-old elevator mechanic from Mesquite, Texas, died after falling approximately 20-feet into an open hoistway at the parking garage of 1515 Elm Street, Dallas, Texas, around 8 p.m. Friday, November 1, 2013. The elevator technician, whose name was not yet released by authorities, was apparently servicing equipment in a mechanical room adjacent to the open shaft when he fell. The Dallas Fire Department urban search and rescue team was dispatched to recover the victim, who was declared dead on arrival by the responding paramedics. A spokesperson for the Dallas Police Department said they did not know what caused him to fall, but indicated that it appeared to be an accident, and that Dallas homicide detectives and OSHA were investigating.

2 thoughts on “Dallas, TX – Elevator technician dies after fatal fall into open hoistway

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  2. Does safety regulations not require that lift technicians should wear safety rigging equipment at all time, when working on top of elevator shats? Is this safety precautions the responsibility of the Maintenance Co themselves, or of the Property Owner?

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