Welcome to ElevatorAccident.net! This blog was founded November 21, 2012, for the purpose of organizing and cataloging elevator accidents and serious malfunctions around the world.

Elevators are often described as “the safest form of transportation”, but is this really true? As it turns out, elevator-related fatalities are extremely rare, and mostly involve elevator mechanics and other elevator personnel who face hazards that are not normally faced by the general public. On the other hand, because of the number of elevator trips that take place every day, injuries and even the occasional fatality actually occur on a fairly regular basis. Although extremely rare, proportionally, they are also extremely severe when they do occur. Serious elevator malfunctions that do not result in injury are even harder to track, because they are rarely reported on.

Despite the challenges, we look forward to creating a useful resource where people can learn more about elevator-related injuries, fatalities, and other major malfunctions. We will strive to keep this blog updated daily with new accidents as they occur. On days when no incidents occur, we will make every effort to work backwards and post stories about incidents that occurred in the past. Also, we will feature other elevator and escalator safety media.

Please contact us with any questions or if you have a news tip about an elevator incident that’s not published here!